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Smoke Freely Va is a dining resource for tobacco users. Our primary function  is to maintain our ever expanding directory of smoke friendly restaurants. In addition to our online list we also are developing POI downloads for same, restaurant window decals, message boards, useful links and vital information for diners as well as restaurant owners. Smokefreelyva is on facebook and on twitter as getsmoke. Suggestion and comments are welcome. We can be reached via email link from the main site or join us on our message board or facebook.

Smoke Freely Va recognizes Virginia’s smoking ban as a threat to liberality and inconsistent with basic premise established by The Bill of Rights as well as the U.S. Constitution.

Ideally, Smoke Freely Va will serve by helping to empower the forces of the free market to minimize the damage done by the Virginia Smoking Ban.

Smoke Freely Va is not an Island. We rely on your input. If you smoke or not, over reaching government is everyone’s problem. The disdain for property owner rights shown by The Commonwealth of Virginia is symptomatic of an growing apathy for those things that only a short time ago were our greatest treasures.

Silence is Consent. Don’t wait for the next assault from your own government.

Stay engaged. Stay informed. Support those that support you (the list).

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