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The Village Shopping Center

The Village Shopping Center has been a landmark in our area or many years. I remember many great merchants that have hung their shingles there over the years. I once heard that some of the retailers would put their cash registers in the rear of the stores to avoid paying city sales tax. As I understand it the rear of the stores were in the county and the fronts were in the city. I’m not sure if this is true.
Well here’s something even more interesting and I can attest to the validity of this one. The Village Shopping Center has elected to discourage the patronage of 23% of potential shoppers. All I can imagine is that the stores there must be earning too much money and that the property management is helping out by trying to eliminate shopping by anyone who smokes. Now before you say it has been done for the non smoking customers let me clarify. I not am talking about just in the stores. They have also ban smoking outside in the open air and this extends to the middle of the parking lot where it can’t possible effect non smokers. Yes it’s true, I know of at least 2 that have been harassed in their own cars.
So if you got cash burning a hole in your pocket and you just gotta send it, here’s a tip.
They don’t sell anything at the Village Shopping Center that you can’t get somewhere else.
The Village Shopping Center is located in Richmond and Henrico at the intersection of Patterson Ave. and Three Chop Rd. Just so you know where no to go.

August, 13th 2010  

 The no smoking signs have been removed from Village Shopping Center.  All I can guess is that realized the folly of the policy.