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GPS POI (points of interest) update / Smoking Restaurants in Va

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR MAGELLAN GPS USERS. As of March 25, 2010 there has been an update to the SmokeFreelyVa POI (Points of Interest) files. This update has increased the number of  restaurants by 37.There are also corrections to old listings.
If you use the Smokefreelyva POI for your GPS, then you will want this latest update. If you not using it, your missing out.This file is free and I for one get much use out of it. Just punch up the Smokefreely POI on your Magellan brand GPS and be lead to the nearest smoking restaurants of your choice.
Request your free copy of the POI file today. All you need is your GPS, a USB cable and your PC. With a couple of simple key strokes you’ll have one smoke seeking machine. Email request to Smokefreelyva.com and say “I want the Magellan POI file”. Follow the instructions that came with you unit to install. Enjoy!


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