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This is just too sad, can we fix it?

Our friend Steve brought this article to our attention.

basically, a few smokers talk about their displeasure  with the smoking ban while offering up an “well what are you going to do” addatude.  They frequent the same old place where they have been going for years. They seem all to accepting that there enjoyment is disrupted by trips outside in the cold just to have a cigarette. They speak as if it’s just something they must put up with.  Why would we as Americans put up with this nonsense.  Would you willingly accept a hot dog when you ordered a hamburger.? Isn’t this how Griswold ended up with the family truckster?  If you paid for movie tickets but were shown the wrong movie, would you just say “oh well”. Isn’t it time smokers started voting with their dollars.

We can make a difference. We can as Virginia’s take the lead and  illustrate the absurdity of this prohibition. We can use the force of the free market to help make right this ridiculous law.

This blog does not just have to be something you read. It can be something you do.  Please whenever possible use the restaurants found at smokefreelyva.com . Let others know they have a choice (not everyone knows) and tell them about smokefreelyva.com or some of the smoking establishment you know of.  Sign up for the Smoke Freely Message Board (link found at smokefreelyva.com) and share your ideas.

If we don’t support these restaurants, they WILL go away. Show enough support and more restaurants will follow.

Please help get the word out. Vote with your dollars, and oh yes, vote often.


One Response

  1. Hey just wanted to say great job! Enjoyed this post and many others too. You do all this work, sure would be nice if folks would comment. Well I have and will continue to do so..how bout some others join me! Let this guy know you appreciate what he’s doing.

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