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The Lazy Parrot Grill – Charlottesville

I’m at the Lazy Parrot.  Not only have I been enjoying a great lunch complete with smoking and WiFi but I’ve enjoyed visiting with owner Kevin Kirby.

For going on 7 years Kevin has built a loyal following by providing good food (great wings) and a welcoming atmosphere at a reasonable price. (somethings going on when someone travels from Richmond to Charlottesville for chicken wings).

There is more to the Lazy Parrot than their commitment to excel in all areas of restaurant management.  Kevin (a non smoker) has taken a lead in innovation as he has created what could very well be the ideal model of a smoking restaurant.

He strives to make the amenities available to his smoking and non smoking customers equal.  But Kevin didn’t stop there. All of his employees have the option of working in a completely smoke free environment.  By the layout and design of his restaurant there is never any need to enter the smoking section.

Kevin said that no one would ever be able to complain that he favored one group over another. Last weekend non smokers waited in  line at the non smoking entrance  as smokers waited in line at the smoking entrance. With the quality dedication of Lazy Parrot’s  owner and staff this is no real surprise.


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