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I like it. What do you think?

Check it out and leave a comment if you will.

Style Weekly


9 Responses

  1. ‘What do I think? It is about time the common folks begin to thumb their noses at the elites who wish to be the Masters. The anti smoking gig is about up and will go down with the science of global warming. The latest is the carbon footprint of your pet. How long do you think it will be before we are limited to one pet per household? Only if we allow it.

    We the people are tired of the science of special interest and their big bucks. Enough already, smoke em if you got em and die living, not live dying.

    • Alijane,
      I had to comment on your comment. Did you know that in New Zealand each and every sheep farmer has to pay a tax on air pollution produced by each and every one of their sheep belching?? I’m going to assume there is a “fart tax” too but haven’t heard. Honestly, when will this craziness stop. If government has its way, we’ll all be driving Smart Cars, pet free, smoke free and committing suicide in the womb! That just pisses me off. I love the comment about “die living..not live dying”, you are so right!. – MaLinda

  2. I think it’s a great idea.
    Night clubs equal good eating, good drinking, good live music and good smoking if one so chooses.

    In states where there are bans, we simply do not work on a regular basis anymore. Never was like this before the smoking bans. I’m no rookie either, been at this since the 80’s and worked regularly before the bans. Now as the song says it’s “Nice Work If You Can Get It”.

    The only musicians I’ve ever known that support smoking bans are those that play once in a blue moon and are generally very inexperienced in knowing how the business works. The very few experienced ones in favor of the bans live in the ivory towers of a strange version of “reality”. I generally only read of this kind of musician on forums as they are such a minority, although I have known a small handful of them throughout the years and they have been very high maintenance types with bitter attitudes, never pitch in with helping with the equipment, are the last ones to get there and the first ones to leave…..regardless if the venue allowed smoking or was nonsmoking by choice in the past.

    I would never hire one anymore either. My bands generally have and have had nice mixes of non-smokers and smokers who get along well and work together well, rarely neurotic uptight antismokers who can’t get along with anyone and they certainly “don’t play well with others” either.

    These kinds of musicians never lasted in bands I have either run or played in as a sidemen as smoking was just the tip of the iceberg concerning their difficulties in getting along with others.

  3. Excellent piece on “The List” Moe! Keep at ’em. The more pressure we smokers can apply, the better. It appears that restaurants are finding out just how well smokers’ money spends. Word on the street is that my ex-local hangout is now making plans to make a separate smoking and non-smoking section. I feel bad for the “little guys” who simply do not have the space or the funds to do this, but it is THEY who must speak out to incoming Governor McDonnell, and let him know just how unfair this new “law” is. King Kaine said he was “leveling the playing field”. I just wonder what level he was using….

  4. Moe,
    My hat is off to you! As I take a long hearty drag off my cig, I must say that I am so proud of what you are doing and that others realize it and obviously feel the same way. Support in this is everything. It is so not all about smoking and I am glad that Alex with Style actually did a good job of making that point clear. We smokers are not a bunch of crazies pissing and moaning about not being able to smoke up our favorite haunts, we are fairly intelligent critters that can see exactly how our rights can be squashed by the government. We can also see what something like this can and will do to free enterprise. True restaurant owners, true entrepreneurs are seeing their life savings and hard determined work ethics being disregarded as “of no consequence”. The government wants to be God, they want to perform the tasks as God but they will not be bowed down to as long as there are good, honest people like you and the rest of us who think like you. You know the ones who still appreciate the Constitution and wish to be governed by it. Yeah you, yeah us and yeah to our favorite restaurants on the List. Let’s keep the ball rolling in the right direction! – MaLinda

  5. What would happen if every business in every state put out their ashtrays and started ignoring the bans? They can’t close down every business or fine and jail every smoker. Maybe the 4th of July could be declared Independence Day for smokers and business owners to reclaim their freedom to own their businesses and serve their clientele.

  6. I like this idea. The only caveat being, those businesses who CHOSE to go completely non-smoking prior to King Kaine implementing the ban. I personally, have no issue with businesses deciding to go non-smoking on their own. They obviously think they know their clientele, and are CHOOSING to do what they feel is in their best business interests.

  7. Mike,
    Smoking or non smoking business models absolutely should be the decision of the business owner and the patron, not a one size fits all edict of government.

    A simple sign on the entrance door is all that is needed to inform the public and prospective employees of house policy. They claim they want to level the playing field, but anyone who has ever run a business knows there is no such thing as a level playing field!

    • Alijane….you and I are in complete agreement. The signs should have been more than enough. Unfrotunately, it appears many in the non-smoking group cannot read and would prefer to rely on the government to make all of their decisions for them…

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