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The First Smoking Restaurant POI Is Ready!

As promised, I have completed the first POI file of smoking restaurants. This particular POI is for use in Magellan brand GPS. As you know, I have been looking for volunteers to make the POI file for other brands. I may at some point do it myself. If you have ever used the software that came with your GPS to create your own POI, then you know how easy they are to install and use. If not, I’ll be glad to step you through it. Several important things to keep in mind. First there is a chance that I may error with some listings. Please report any problems you may find.  Also, the online list will always be the most current.  Restaurants are still being added frequently.  I suspect it will be this way for some time to come.  You will want to update your POI file often.

I am looking forward to having this feature on my GPS. In my line of work, I’ll be able to make good use of it.

For now I will be sending them as an email attachment on request. Of course they are free. If you are interested, just send me a email with POI in the subject line. If you need help with installation, let me know. Email: 5W4182@mail.com



Thanks, Moe


One Response

  1. Hey! I admire your writing and the way you explain things. Some of the comments on here too are insightful. I appreciate you. keep it up!

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