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Dinner Review @ A Smoker’s Welcome Restaurant

Tonight we had dinner at Bailey’s on Robious Road, Richmond, VA and I have to say..WOW! So much space for smokers and comfortable too. Until this evening we had never been seated at a table to dine only the tall tables in the bar. This was so wonderful to be able to feel like a 1st class customer. They did a beautiful job of moving things around to accommodate, i.e., pool tables, games, etc. It looked like it had always been that way. I did take a trip to the bathroom and noticed that the non smoking area had pretty much all of the same things in it as the smoking section, with one glaring exception..there were two people in the non smoking section and the bar was packed!! On the dining side, we were the only two but it was early.

We had a great meal and super service. The Manager came over to say hey! He told us that all of the Bailey’s in Virginia are smoking, so be sure to keep an eye to the “List” to see them added.

Who could ask for more, good food, good service, staff that appreciated us being there as much as we appreciated what they had done to accommodate “our kind”, didn’t break the bank and we were happy!! Readers, please make sure that you add Bailey’s to your own list of places to go and Smoke Freely.

Note: Monday through Friday, Bailey’s offers a $5.99 Lunch Special. The menu looks good and you can’t beat the price. Also, December 18th is Bailey’s 6 year birthday..they are g0ing to have live music, special drink prices and food specials. All you Smoker’s, get out there and support these guys!


One Response

  1. Thanks so much for this review! Keep them coming. It would definitely appear that Bailey’s knows it’s clientel and are willing to accomodate us! Who knew that smokers’ money spends as good, if not better than non-smokers’?

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