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Worth Repeating

One friend of smoke freely gave great feedback on Bailey’s in the  Comments part of this blog . I  know not everyone takes the time to check out the comments.  So here it is again.

” I just wanted to give a shout out to Bailey’s Pub & Grille on Broad Street in Richmond. I went there for the first time last night as my usual water hole (Applebee’s) has decided they do not want smokers’ money. Bailey’s invested their own money to make a separate non-smoking section. The best part is, 90% of Bailey’s available space is smoking, while the non-smoking section is only about 10%. Bailey’s obviously knows their clientele as they have a nice “This is a smoking restaurant” sign on the front door. They are fully complying with Kaine’s idiotic law, and yet are still catering to those of us who choose to smoke. I would like to say “THANKS” to Bailey’s and recommend anyone who sees this to please pay these folks a visit as they are truly sticking up for us! ”


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