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The Lazy Parrot Grill – Charlottesville

I’m at the Lazy Parrot.  Not only have I been enjoying a great lunch complete with smoking and WiFi but I’ve enjoyed visiting with owner Kevin Kirby.

For going on 7 years Kevin has built a loyal following by providing good food (great wings) and a welcoming atmosphere at a reasonable price. (somethings going on when someone travels from Richmond to Charlottesville for chicken wings).

There is more to the Lazy Parrot than their commitment to excel in all areas of restaurant management.  Kevin (a non smoker) has taken a lead in innovation as he has created what could very well be the ideal model of a smoking restaurant.

He strives to make the amenities available to his smoking and non smoking customers equal.  But Kevin didn’t stop there. All of his employees have the option of working in a completely smoke free environment.  By the layout and design of his restaurant there is never any need to enter the smoking section.

Kevin said that no one would ever be able to complain that he favored one group over another. Last weekend non smokers waited in  line at the non smoking entrance  as smokers waited in line at the smoking entrance. With the quality dedication of Lazy Parrot’s  owner and staff this is no real surprise.


I like it. What do you think?

Check it out and leave a comment if you will.

Style Weekly

The First Smoking Restaurant POI Is Ready!

As promised, I have completed the first POI file of smoking restaurants. This particular POI is for use in Magellan brand GPS. As you know, I have been looking for volunteers to make the POI file for other brands. I may at some point do it myself. If you have ever used the software that came with your GPS to create your own POI, then you know how easy they are to install and use. If not, I’ll be glad to step you through it. Several important things to keep in mind. First there is a chance that I may error with some listings. Please report any problems you may find.  Also, the online list will always be the most current.  Restaurants are still being added frequently.  I suspect it will be this way for some time to come.  You will want to update your POI file often.

I am looking forward to having this feature on my GPS. In my line of work, I’ll be able to make good use of it.

For now I will be sending them as an email attachment on request. Of course they are free. If you are interested, just send me a email with POI in the subject line. If you need help with installation, let me know. Email: 5W4182@mail.com



Thanks, Moe

Cigar Shop Smoking.

Hey Cigar Smokers!

Another List? Well it seems so. I was contacted by Mike Banks ( known to many of you as Uncle Miky) about the idea of having a listing of smoke friendly tobacco shops. Apparently some of you want to smoke em where you buy em. It’s kinda a Cigar Smokers thing. Anyway, after some thought, I decided why not. So coming the first quarter of next year we will be presenting this new list. Much thanks to Mike for his wonderful idea and even better, agreeing to do all the work.
Tell your cigar smoking friends.

Style Weekly

Style Weekly has contacted us. They’re doing a Smoking Ban follow up article. Now they have a few comments from us to use, if they elect to do so.

Look for it in the December 22nd issue out Tuesday.

Release delayed until the 23rd. due to snow.

Bailey’s Newport News

I’m here at Bailey’s.  This location is holding true to form,  great service,  good food.

This is the first time that I’ve tried one of the $5.99 lunch specials. I had the fish and chips. This is some really good fish.  I don’t where else I could go to get that much out of $5.99.

Just one thing different from the last Bailey’s I visited.  The bar area as well as the wing to the left and the one to the right are both smoking. I have no idea where the non smokers are. When you come in, there’s a door marked non smoking entrance.  Maybe their ejected out the side of the building.

Whatever, Great job Bailey’s

Dinner Review @ A Smoker’s Welcome Restaurant

Tonight we had dinner at Bailey’s on Robious Road, Richmond, VA and I have to say..WOW! So much space for smokers and comfortable too. Until this evening we had never been seated at a table to dine only the tall tables in the bar. This was so wonderful to be able to feel like a 1st class customer. They did a beautiful job of moving things around to accommodate, i.e., pool tables, games, etc. It looked like it had always been that way. I did take a trip to the bathroom and noticed that the non smoking area had pretty much all of the same things in it as the smoking section, with one glaring exception..there were two people in the non smoking section and the bar was packed!! On the dining side, we were the only two but it was early.

We had a great meal and super service. The Manager came over to say hey! He told us that all of the Bailey’s in Virginia are smoking, so be sure to keep an eye to the “List” to see them added.

Who could ask for more, good food, good service, staff that appreciated us being there as much as we appreciated what they had done to accommodate “our kind”, didn’t break the bank and we were happy!! Readers, please make sure that you add Bailey’s to your own list of places to go and Smoke Freely.

Note: Monday through Friday, Bailey’s offers a $5.99 Lunch Special. The menu looks good and you can’t beat the price. Also, December 18th is Bailey’s 6 year birthday..they are g0ing to have live music, special drink prices and food specials. All you Smoker’s, get out there and support these guys!